About Us

We have been in the digital world for more than 15 years, evolving and surfing with the trends. This journey has allowed us to grow together with many brands, creating innovative solutions, learning new technologies, and understanding that people come first.

We are digital explorers

We face every digital challenge by looking first for what makes it unique and special, to ensure better results.

Brands are people full of stories and information. This data is part of a unique digital DNA, in constant growth and transformation, which defines the relationships between the brand and its followers, buyers and customers.

Digital Menu

In our menu, every course performs one main purpose, specially prepared by our team:

Digital Ecosystems

We create and manage the assets of the brands according to marketing objectives.

  • Creation & interconnection of digital ecosystems
  • Content Marketing
  • Management of brand digital assets → Social Media → Blogs → e-commerce
  • Digital Branding & Brand Personality
  • Brand analysis dashboards → Real time

Design + Development

Design, architecture and development with the latest opensource technologies.

  • Design → UI → UX → Mood Boarding
  • E-commerce solutions → Woocommerce → Shopify → Prestashop
  • Brand Institutional Websites → Mobile First → WordPress → And custom made
  • Apps, Web Apps, React Native Apps → Apple → Android → Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
  • SPA Progressive Web Apps (PWA) Single Page Apps → React → Angular
  • Front-end solutions → Service integration
  • Back-end solutions → NodeJS → Laravel
  • Fintech → Banking services + Security + API Integrations
  • Blockchain → IBM Hyperledger + Smart Contracts

Digital Marketing

To create unique relationships between brands, products and people.

  • Marketing Science
  • Digital ecosystem analysis → Social listening → Trends → Markets → Big data
  • Exploration of markets and customers
  • Digital strategies from data
  • Organic SEO → SEM positioning
  • Performance dashboards → Real time
How we do it

Discover + Explore + Create + Validate



Deep business + brand analysis

No one understands your business better than you. So, before starting, we dedicate ourselves to deeply analyze all brand data and its digital assets (channels, metrics, databases, strategies and results).

This research leads us to discover insights for new business opportunities, supported by your history and data.

  • Understanding of the brand, business and customers
  • Exploration of market trends
  • Buyer Persona Identification / Audience Profiling
  • Definition of objectives + Key performance indicators (KPIs)


Surf + Trends + Insigths

The discoveries extracted from the investigation, become our guide to create ideas.

At this point we do an exploration of the industry, the trends that move the business internationally, which inspire us to design a strategic plan, with clear objectives, thinking about the actions that will have the most impact.

  • Creation of digital strategies
  • Digital Solutions / SEO / SEM
  • Technology / IA proposals
  • Projection of results


Design + Development + Technology

Research and exploration become reality in the creation phase.

The e-volution production team participates in the implementation of the strategy: We have a creative and technological team capable of achieving the objectives set in the exploration stage.

We love opensource technologies and the challenges that lead us to create special solutions, always thinking about a better experience for users, or people seeking to relate to the brand.

    • Digital Marketing / Content Marketing / Engagement / SEO / ADS
    • Brand digital assets / Social Media / Blogs / e-commerce
    • Digital Branding / User Interfase / User Experience / Mood Boarding
    • 100% updateable websites (CMS)
    • Stores – own or third party e-commerce
    • Front-end / Back-end / Apps / Fintech / Blockchain


    Analysis + Dashboards + Improvement

    Real-time performance monitoring of digital strategies, in order to identify and implement improvement actions in an agile and effective way.

    Tools to monitor the behavior of visitors and their interaction with the strategy.

    • Google Analytics
    • Google Datastudio
    • Heatmaps – Mouseflow / Hotjar
    • Real-time data analysis dashboards


    e-volution team

    Surfers by heart

    First, we are people: curious, explorers, detail-oriented, and perfectionists. Eager to learn about the digital world and its technologies
    Team Headmasters
    Tomás Posada

    Tomás Posada

    Co-Founder & CEO
    Krola Jiménez

    Krola Jiménez

    UX/Design Team Headmaster
    Alejo Jiménez

    Alejo Jiménez

    IA & DevOps Headmaster
    Cristian Mafla

    Cristian Mafla

    Devs Team Headmaster
    Gilberto Pineda

    Gilberto Pineda

    PM Team Headmaster
    Liz Varelas

    Liz Varelas

    People Headmaster

    The brands

    (and the stories we create together)
    • Cliente Rutan
    • Cliente Mineros
    • Cliente Biosystems
    • Cliente Leonisa
    • Cliente Tigoune
    • Cliente Colanta
    • Cliente Techtivo
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