Punga App

React Native APP Android & iOSX

Bets & Banter with friends

Punga application is for create groups, bets, chats and banters with friends, on anything you wan to bet and win!

Brand, logo and character design (little bee). Implementation of new brand in the application.

Available in Apple Store and Google Play. Developed in React Native, a super agile framework for the creation of native applications with one code, created and maintained by Facebook.

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    Server-less technology using google’s Firebase for DB and Pusher for real time chat services.

    Developed for a client in the US with high performance optimization, Google’s material design for UX with custom development of components styles and views, trying to make a difference in design.

    React Native
    App Android
    App iOSX

    Why we love it →

    • Brand image and app elements design

      Bee character + Logo + Typography
      Brand Personality + Tone
      Color Guidelines
      App UX Improvements
    • Cloud Data & Services

      Firebase for DB and virtual chat integrated with Pusher.
    • Seamless Cross-Platform Development with React Native

      Many platforms, one code. With React Native, one team can maintain two platforms and share a common technology: React.