Branding + Development + Social Media

Branding + Digital Ecosystem

Brand image redesign and digital personality in record time. Average online store under Woocommerce, with multiple options for purchasing products: Online and / or Cash Credit.

Integration with Bancolombia’s WOMPI payment methods, for cash payments and custom made development of entire online credit experience, as a payment gateway.

Online Credit Web Application

Design and development of a web application for online credits, with pre-approval in minutes and 100% integrated into Woocommerce, to interact with the entire purchase process and the status of orders “purchased” by credit.

Online services such as identity verification, consultation with credit bureaus, and pre-approval of the loan amount, were integrated using the fintech technology by Datacrédito – Experian, Colombia.

Social Media + Ads

Seeking to attract traffic and more conversions, using social networks, organic positioning, and strategic purchase of FB + IG guidelines for Fullhogar promotional activities.

Seo + Content Marketing

Implementation of SEO with content structuring and optimization according to keywords research, and creation of a brand content blog, with articles related to the most demanded keywords in the market.

200% growth in website sales + Online credit applications in the first quarter of the year (2020).

Social Media

Why we love it →

  • We love WordPress and what it can do

  • Woocomerce Custom Challenge

    Unique store design, with the different forms of payment for products and their detailed view, including: cash payment value, online credit options with the value of the installment and the number of installments to pay, and total value. Even the offers have the same payment options.
  • Fintech Integrations

    We learned to integrate third-party financial services, chosen by the client.