Club del dinero

Institutional WordPress + SPA App + Fintech Integrations + Backend

Online payroll loans

UX, Design, technology and application development for online loans with payroll deduction.

Single page application (SPA) with the entire application process by employees to the loans.

People could use any device to apply for their loans.

Loans Application

All employees who are part of partner companies could apply for payroll deduction loans without having to sign or authenticate documents. The entire process was 100% online.

Integrations with financial services of the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce: Identity verification, loan amount, digital signature of promissory notes and custody thereof.

Custom backend

In charge of managing the entire application: status of users, their loans, allied companies, disbursements and more.

Project Tools
Api Integrations

Why we love it →

  • We love WordPress and what it can do

  • Our first Fintech Challenge

    We begin to understand the financial world and its services in real time.
  • Fintech Integrations

    We learned to integrate third-party financial services, chosen by the client.